iOS 18

iOS 18

iOS 18 introduces Apple Intelligence

Currently in developer beta, Apple’s next operating system for the iPhone and iPad is expected to launch in the autumn.

1. Customizations to Control Center and a new Home Screen.
2. Updated Photos app

3. Mail upgrades
4. Custom “Genmoji” and text effects in Messages
5. RCS support

iOS 18

iOS 18 Overview

The next edition of iOS, known as iOS 18, was unveiled at WWDC 2024 in June and is scheduled for general release in September. The AI feature set that Apple is thoroughly integrating into iOS, which it calls Apple Intelligence, is the foundation of iOS 18. Apple refers to its Intelligence team’s combination of generative AI and human context as “AI for the rest of us.”

Apple Intelligence makes Siri far smarter, enhances writing across the operating system, and enables the creation of numerous types of material. All apps will come with a suite of Writing Tools for editing, refining, proofreading, and summarizing material. You can alter the tone of your writing, make it shorter, and make sure that all of your spelling and punctuation are correct.

iOS 18

You can create photographs with an Image Playground app by following prompts or by utilizing Apple’s themes and suggestions. You can create a variety of entertaining personalized photos in forms like animation, illustration, or sketching by adding images of your loved ones. Messages, Notes, and other apps come with built-in image production from Image Playground.

The Messages app has a feature called Genmoji that allows you to design any emoji you want without being restricted to the pre-built choices. Apple will create it for you if you give them a brief description of what you want, including your pals.

In the Photos app, you can create custom memories by entering a description, and Apple Intelligence will select matching photos and videos based on your description. Memories have a story accompanied by music and chapters to create a complete story arc. The cleanup tool can be used when editing images to remove unwanted objects from the background of a photo.

Apple has completely revamped Siri with Apple Intelligence, creating an assistant that is more contextually relevant, personal and natural. You can use voice commands with Siri, but there’s also a new type of Siri option that you can activate by double-tapping the bottom of the screen. Siri has a more personal context to fulfill requests and can work in apps for the first time. Siri can edit photos, manage files, create folders and more.

Siri understands language better, can track what you asked in a previous request, and knows what’s on your screen so you can ask about it. Siri can search your entire device and know your history, so it’s ready to help you with all your daily tasks.

Apple has given Siri a new look, and when the personal assistant is activated, there is now a glowing ring around the screen. Siri also has an in-depth knowledge of Apple product and can give you step-by-step instructions for everything you need, so it’s like an Apple Genius in your pocket. If Siri doesn’t know something, there is an option to bring OpenAI ChatGPT to your questions. ChatGPT is free, takes no information from you and can be used to create and describe content from scratch.

Apple Intelligence is limited to iPhone 15 Pro models and iPads and Macs with an M-series chip, and that’s because much of the processing takes place on the device for privacy reasons and to protect users data For more intensive tasks, Apple cloud servers running on Apple silicon are used. Apple promises that its Private Cloud Compute feature does not store data or make it available to Apple in any way.

In addition to AI features, there are many other extras that are not related to AI and are available on a much wider range of iPhones. The home screen has new customization options with the ability to organize apps and widgets in open spaces and around wallpapers. Icons and widgets can be enlarged and have a darker mode to dark mode and the option to add a color tint..

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A big update to Control Center

The redesigned Control Center features new groups of controls, which you can access more fluidly with a single, continuous swipe down on the Home Screen.

iOS 18

Controls gallery

Add more controls from the Controls gallery, which displays all your options in one place, including new controls from your favorite apps.

New look for app icons

App icons and widgets appear even sleeker with a new Dark look. Tint them all with any color, or have iOS suggest a color that complements your wallpaper. You can also make apps and widgets appear larger.

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