Shoe which is banned from marathon?

The Nike Alphafly Shoes were banned from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. 
The Nike Alphafly shoes use technology to help runners. They have a carbon-fiber plate, a foam, and Air units. The foam is called ZoomX foam which is a custom formulation of a flexible plastic which is Pebax. The Alphafly also has air pods. While running these shoes gives runner an extra push.

The journal Sports Medicine, which publishes original research and articles with their reviews on all fields and aspects of sports published a research conducted by University of Colorado in 2017 published a study. This shows the clear reason behind the ban of those shoes, showing that runners averaged a 4% improvement in running compared with when they wore Nike’s other shoes.

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) established in 1999 is an international independent agency assists world in unbiased and doping free sports released a statement on this said this is “against the spirit of the sport”.

What is ZoomX foam?

It is designed to maximize speed by returning 85% of energy and a lightweight foam providing cushioning used in the midsole of some Nike Alphafly. It is lightweight, cushioned, and a responsive material.

What is Pebax?

Pebax offers the great processing versatility across a range of flexural modulus and provides excellent mechanical, physical, chemical properties along with established biocompatibility in many commercial products.

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