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Artificial Intelligence

This topic is Very trendy nowadays. Artificial Intelligence or simply AI is a very exciting and hot topic, because it is directly linked to the future. It is an under development technology which is being worked on by many Big Tech companies and Several Countries. Our Respected Country INDIA is one of them. Recently, our space organization ISRO has launched a robot in which they have inserted AI. Since ISRO is planning to send a very first Indian person in space through their completely self operated mission, they just want to send a robot with AI into space that can help them to collect the data as much as possible. AI is a very vast field in itself and will be very much required in the near future.

AI will be used in every sector for example banking sector, hospitals, transportation, military and defence purposes, even for domestic and cleaning purposes such as robots that can serve people etc. So from space exploration to domestic things almost in every field we can see it is an important aspect of growth, development and economy.

But recently in Russia a Competition of Chess between a human and a Robot with AI was conducted. But that robot breaked the finger of that opponent (human). So it is also a matter of concern that it should never harm any human and always be in control.

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