Anyone wants to know what happened to “The Bilz and Kashif” ?

Canadian musical duo called The Bilz & Kashif is renowned for their distinctive fusion of pop and Indian pop songs. Canadian South Asian musical group of two musicians, DJ Vicious and Master-D in Montreal which is the largest city in the province of Quebec, the second-largest in Canada, and the tenth-largest in North America. They were phenomenal, and was the desi dream team (An Indian, Pakistan, and Bangladeshi together).
They have left their mark on the urban desi scene, and their music is still continuing to resonate with audiences worldwide.
They had produced very hit albums which also gained popularity in India. Their iconic songs definitely enjoyed by everyone, like Tera Nasha and Tere Naino Mein. They create mostly Hip-Hop/R&B/Desi Music. They work with Kashif, a Pakistani musician who has previously worked with InMotion.

The Bilz & Kashif create a dynamic blend of Hip-HopR&B, and Desi Music. Their tracks range from club bangers to heartfelt slow jams, all with a touch of fun and innovation.

Some insights about their journey is
The group emphasizes that their success didn’t happen overnight. They worked hard, persevered, and made sacrifices to create their mark in the urban desi scene.
Their Collaboration on the hit tracks “2 Step Bhangra” solidified their position in the Canadian music scene.
They paved the way for other North American artists, showcasing their talent and contributing to the movement.
They used their platform for good by supporting War Child Canada through their single and music video “One Voice.”
War Child Canada focuses on education, children’s rights, poverty reduction, and self-reliance in war-affected areas.

The Bilz & Kashif’s unique combination of talents makes them stand out.
Kashif is a singer-songwriter, Master D is a producer, and Vicious is a DJ/Rapper MC.
Together, they form a super-group, leveraging their individual experiences to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide.
They have recently done a rendition of Sean Kingston’s “Bollywood Girls” which got second place in a competition on
Their new album “The Trinity“.
as per an Interview they said we think and believe that you need to innovate the music scene, and these days feel very repetitive.

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