Digital Age and Digital India

“Digital age” – From our childhood upto till now we read, we discussed, we heard about different ages in which humans entered, lived and went beyond that age, for example stone age, iron age, bronze age, copper age, and etc. Now this is the time of the ‘Digital age’.

‘Digital’ What do we understand from this word? Something related to Digits. That means Binary digits which are ‘0’ and ‘1’. Just like we have a language to express Ourselves or to communicate to each other. Computers have a language, which is in the form of two digits that are ‘0’ and ‘1’. In this time our Civilization is transforming. So basically, it will be very interesting to see that after this phase, What we will become?

Nowadays, from our rents, our expenses, our bills everything is done through electronic devices. Even this article which I am writing is on the computer as an electronic machine. But just three or four decades ago when computers were not much used. At that time everything was maintained on paper. The papers were bulky, required too much space, and production of papers was very harmful for the environment.

Now, from eight to nine years we saw digitization of India rapidly. And it is also a need of the time.
from our UPI transactions to everything like education, our jobs, etc, everything is on computers.
For example, even if we want to pay 10 rupees to a street vendor we do not require a piece of paper with some prints over it, within a few seconds we can send money directly to his account.

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