The Dark Web and Things You Need to Know!

What is Dark web?

The part of internet that lets people hide their identity as well as location from other people and from law enforcement is known as Dark web. Dark web has potential to sell stolen information which is sensitive and personal. Mostly, criminals use Dark web for their bad deeds. It is said that approximately 2 Million users visit Dark web daily via different browsers which are normally unknown and unused by common people.
This is for informational purpose so, a common person should never visit Dark web because you might be 1 click away from criminals, hackers and terrorists. Hence, idea of visiting the Dark web is dangerous.

Dark web is used for what?

The dark web is often used for various illegal activities. Few of them are below.

  • Data breaches
  • drug-trafficking
  • assassins are hired on Dark web
  • It is said that even human body parts can purchased on Dark web

How can you access the dark web?

You need to use specifically designed software to access Dark web, such as Tor or I2P. To access the dark web, you cannot use Google Search or browsers, such as Chrome or Safari.

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