Watch Amazing feature the “Browser Essential” of Microsoft Edge.

Browser essentials is a feature in Microsoft Edge that shows how the browser’s performance and security features help make browsing faster, safer, and more efficient. It provides information about the sites scanned, downloads, risks prevented, and items blocked. It also shows the status of your browsing, like the memory savings and remaining usage based on past 30 days usage and activity on your device.

See how it looks like :-

As you can see it is showing the tabs which are using major part of memory while running in the background, here you can also close those tabs with one click after clicking on “Close these tabs”.
Hence, it is a good visual representation.
Another image you can see below:-

Here we can see a very good visual representation in above image indicating the status of your Battery and Memory of PC or Computer.
Besides, this it also scanning the websites to prevent it’s user from Malwares and Viruses.

Browser Essentials in Microsoft Edge provides insights into the browser’s performance and security features. It highlights how these features enhance browsing speed, safety, and efficiency. Key information includes scans of sites, download details, risk prevention, and blocked items. Additionally, it displays memory savings and remaining usage based on the past 30 days of activity on your device.

If you want to enable Browser Essentials in Microsoft Edge

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.
  2. Go to the edge://settings/help page to ensure your browser is up to date.
  3. Next, navigate to the Appearance section in the settings (you can also directly visit edge://settings/appearance).
  4. Scroll down to the Select which buttons to show on the toolbar section.
  5. Find and turn on the Browser Essentials Button option.

    Once enabled, you’ll see the Browser Essentials icon—a heart with a pulse—on your toolbar. It provides insights into your browser’s performance and security. Click on the icon to explore its features!

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